The Daily Scroll – A Mentorship Recap: Valentines Day 2020

Comin’ at ya from The Beatles – a very fitting Valentine’s Day quote (if we do say so ourselves)!

Because “love” is a word that is commonly thrown around in modern society, it can be hard to decipher…what really is this whole love thing?

Love is held in high regard within all the major, ancient religions, and, in Taoist philosophy, love is seen as the “great integrity”, and the ultimate state of being.

Okay, so love is cool… But, where does love come from? Is it something we learn from other people? Is it something given and showered onto us? As ancient philosophy hints, true love is an energy that comes from within. And, once we recognize the power of love inside of us, everything can spring from there!

Love can be seen and found everywhere when we are receptive to it, and yet we too often put it into a box and make it about chocolates and romantic partners. Hey now – The Beatles didn’t say we need “A” love, or “THE” love, we just need LOVE!

LOVE is not only designed for significant others and family. Love can be a gesture between you and a stranger on the street! Love can be the sense of awe and appreciation you feel when getting to observe the natural world, animals, and beautiful scenery.

Bottom line is – there ain’t just one type of love, yo! And while today’s holiday can be cheesy and commercialized, why not just take it for what it is and celebrate ALL of the love we are capable of giving and receiving?

We love us some LOVE, people!

Wanting something to pair with your chocolates? Listen to today’s episode right here!

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