The Weekly Quest Scroll: A Mentorship Recap

We’re stepping up our game each and every week in order to constantly deliver our “Quest Best” – and we want you to achieve the same! Missed this week’s journey? Don’t worry – we have this quest fast pass all ready to catch you up!

So – just keep reading, (*echo*) just keep reading…for 5 amazing quotes, a little teachin’ and (non-religious) preachin’ PLUS easy-to-achieve quests. Boom!

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Quote the first:

“Nature itself is the best physician.” – Hippocrates

The Teach & Preach: If the inspiration for the Hippocratic Oath tells us that nature is the best physician, we take it to heart. But, also – it definitely doesn’t hurt that there have been recent scientific studies on this same subject. Turns out – forest bathing as nature therapy…totally a thing…A recent study tested the effects of forest bathing on PTSD patients, and found that putting patients in a natural environment for as little as 3 days can completely alter a person’s magnetic brainwaves. This means that when PTSD patients were subjected to nature therapy, their cortisol (stress hormone) levels decreased, and their bodies were overall more relaxed.

So if you want to make your day, get your booty on the (nature) floor tonight, make your day… I mean, how fun is it to just love on nature, and realize that wherever you are, there is beauty all around you!

The Quest: Notice nature! Expand your awareness. What do you see when you’re walking, or even driving around? Make a conscious effort to admire the natural beauty around you.

Not yet ready to take that polar plunge into the great outdoors? Look for a taste of nature from the “safety” of your office window!

Quote the second: “Be safe. Make wise decisions.” -Our Mom (Misty Young)

The Teach & Preach: (Cue that motherly voice asking: “5 words to live by girls…What are they?) – Be. Safe. Make. Wise. Decisions! Common sense? Maybe. But, also, maybe not! Figure this: We all want to live life, so that we can have fun. But, we have to LIVE LIFE to have that fun. And, the bottom line is, we can’t neglect the first part of that equation. We can’t solely think of the fun stuff like building our dreams, careers, families, and relationships. Instead, we have to protect our lives first, in order to do all the things we want to do, second. ALL ROADS LEAD BACK TO THE LIFE, FRIENDS!

You pickin’ up what we’re putting down?

Quick story. Our dad once left his boot in the middle of the floor. Mom tripped over said boot and broke her foot. Safe to say, Mom was having NO FUN! And if dad had only picked up what he had put down? We know you’re getting us now!

The Quest: Do a safety circle dance, and take stock of what is around you. Is there a chord you could put away? Is there a tack sitting dangerously close to where a kid could step on it? Is there a neon sharpie open on your brand new, white duvet cover? (Okay that’s maybe not a safety concern…but still critically important!) — Gotta stay safe along the quest out there gang!

Quote the third: “Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle.” -Lewis Carroll

The Teach & Preach: In honor of national puzzle day…a puzzle quote! We don’t know about you guys, but we really like puzzles. Like really, really. And if you don’t like puzzles…they are still the #1 table game in the U.S. – so take that!

On a more serious note, we have found that puzzles are a great tool to bring people together. But, nothing unifies humans more than the age-old questions we ask ourselves, and today we want to dig into one of those questions that puzzles many.

To ask ourselves, “Who are we?”

Normally, when approached with this question, we have a list of roles we start to list off: Mother, Businesswoman, Wife, Sister, Friend. BAM! Take that. But what if all of those roles didn’t exist, wouldn’t you still? If we are not our roles or our functions, what are we then?

You might be thinking – OK LADIES, WAY TO GO FULL EXISTENTIAL ON US! But we think we’re getting somewhere. When we strip away all of our roles and functions, we still have our voice. Ya know, that voice inside our heads we love? (And sometimes hate).

AHA- So, I think, therefore I am!

In each of our heads, we have a voice that thinks, AND something else that listens, meaning that we are so much more than just the voice! We are spiritual beings, living in a physical body, experiencing the reality and roles we take on around us!

The Quest: Keep asking the question, “Who am I?”, without being permeated by roles. Attempt to strip away at the layers of identification we normally use, and seek to discover who you truly are at your deepest core.

Quote the fourth: “Begin to think of yourself as a soul with a body rather than a body with a soul.” -Wayne Dyer

The Teach & Preach: From one of our favorite spiritual teachers – Wayne Dyer – a quote on some good ol’ soul-stuff. With this quote, Wayne guides us to see ourselves as a soul first, (instead of just a body with a soul), in the hopes that it might shift us into exploring more of who we truly are. Just as we learned from Lewis Carroll yesterday, we are NOT just our roles. Wayne takes this a bit farther by saying that not only are we not the roles we play, but we are also not solely our physical bodies.

You don’t have to be a full-blown yogi to know the saying, “your body is a temple” – and boy, would Wayne agree! If we think of ourselves as a soul first, then our bodies are just the houses we live in. We value the health of our bodies because our bodies are the vehicles to our souls – they get us to all the places and help us accomplish all the goals our souls want! In other words, maintaining our personal best bodies gives us our soul’s quest best yo!

The Quest: Clap your hands together, and rub them against each other until you start to feel the warmth accumulate between them. Then, pull your hands about six inches apart. Now, bring them closer together without letting them touch, and keep moving them closer and father, within those six inches. Focus on the space you created between your hands. Can you feel it? That heat and energy?…We challenge you to find other ways to tap into this soulful-energy today!

Quote the fifth: “There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth… not going all the way, and not starting.” -Buddha

The Teach & Preach: This quote is so simple, yet there is so much to be said about it (Buddha bringing that ancient wisdom this Friday)! Although our paths and truths may look different, we all find ourselves on the path to truth everyday, one way or another…Checking off our to-do lists (or grocery lists) and completing the things we’ve committed to with honor, all lay smack dab in the middle of our truth-path.

We often come to the misconception that if we are seeking truth, the real world doesn’t matter. And as much as we would love to “om out” and live with the trees, we are still physical beings, in a physical world, with physical realities to deal with. Being an adult-human is so fun, huh?!

But – don’t fret – we can still carry out our roles and commitments in the physical world while we explore the path to truth. The important thing is that we start and finish our goals in both the physical AND spiritual realm. Because, in the physical realm, we can never reach our goals without starting, and, once we start, our goals are beyond worth finishing!

Buddha warns us not to get stuck solely in the physical realm and deny seeking truth, and pushes us instead to take truth all the way, and seek it down the deepest road possible. Thanks Buddha!

The Quest: Finish off your week strong by setting yourself up for strength on Monday – the beginning of the week AND the month – plus a fresh opportunity for you to create! So, if you want to tap into this clean-slate, creative power…set yourself up for success! Set out an outfit, organize some papers, or clean your desk out on Friday, so you have that space of clarity come Monday!

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