The Weekly Quest Scroll: A Mentorship Recap

From quote to quest in 5 minutes or less! Off battling other trolls this week? Not to fear, we have this little quest cheat sheet all ready to catch you up!

Step right up for 5 amazing quotes, a little teachin and (non-religious) preachin and a 5 easy-to-achieve quests!

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Quote the first:

“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.” -Tony Robbins

The Teach & Preach: Brace yourself for the first of many Tony Robbins quotes…and trust…you’ll thank us later! Everyday we make decisions. Are some decisions bigger than others? Sure are! Glad you noticed. Gonna brush your teeth this morning? Gonna marry that dude that just proposed to you? One decision will most definitely alter your life in a major way, and, well the other…just might give you a few more looks and a few less friends at work. But – your choice! How cool is it that WE have the power to decide what we do? And maybe even what our future will look like? Well we think it’s super awesome. And you know what’s even more awesome? When you make a decision – feel that click – get that clarity – and say, “Hey destiny, is that you?” – While the little moments make up our everyday life, big decisions shape our destiny. And every once in a while, decisions that seem like little ones may turn out to be big. Hey you – you who decided not to brush your teeth this morning? Would it be helpful to know that you are going to be within 3 inches of your soulmate on the subway today? 😉

The Quest: It’s Monday! Put yo best questin’ foot forward and make that decision! What is a decision you can make today (and you can start taking action on this week) that draws you towards your destiny? What decision could set you up to have a huge moment, maybe make a bigger decision, and get that super satisfying click of clarity?

Quote the second:

“We’re here for a reason. I believe a bit of the reason is to throw little torches out to lead people through the dark.” -Whoopi Goldberg

The Teach & Preach: We love this quote because everybody has the ability to hold their own torch, and thus light others as well! How can you light someone else’s torch? An act of kindness, an exchange of love or joy, an idea, a MENTORING relationship – all share that light – that fire! On top of that, your torch WILL NEVER GO OUT by lighting another! Nope – it won’t even slightly DIM! Everyone on earth could have their own individual blazing torch. Everyone on earth can have success, fulfillment, love – and helping others reach the same will never diminish our own. Talk about being a part of something greater than yourself!

Now let’s note, Whoppi said lighting other’s torches is only “a bit” of the reason we’re here. What does this mean? It means – 1. We have to light our own torch before we can light anyone else’s, and – 2. We don’t need to give our whole selves to light another torch – it just takes a lil spark after all!

The Quest: Throw a torch today! When you see a moment where you could give a helpful hint, encouraging word, or kind gesture – do it. Let yo light SHINE and BURN baby burn!

Quote the third:

“You cannot be lonely if you like the person you’re alone with.” -Wayne Dyer

The Teach & Preach: Pullin’ out the classic quest guide, father of motivation himself – Mr. Wayne Dyer! We really like this man, and we really love this quote. This quote gets us to address the super important (and sometimes scary) questions of: “Do I like myself? Do I like my internal state?” Internal state, huh? New vocab word? Maybe. But also the oldest reality of them all. Our internal state is how we think, feel, and process our reality internally. You know that voice inside your head? That voice that’s reading this blog to you? Narrating your life to you during all waking moments? Yeah, that guy (or girl)! He can be your best friend…and potentially also your worst enemy. Think about it. If that voice inside your head is destructive – your life pretty blatantly sucks. And if that voice is empowered and positive? Well then you have your very own, built in BFF! In addition, by noticing and acknowledging our internal dialogue, we are able to determine that there is both a voice and listener. And WE have the power to either change the voice, or choose not to listen to it! Instead of relying on the unreliable people around to bring us happiness, we can stabilize our very own internal source of joy: ourselves.

The Quest: Interview yourself to discover your 5 favorite things about you! Pro tip: just keep “what elsin’”.

Quote the fourth:

“Try to keep your mind open to possibilities and your mouth closed on matters that you don’t know about. Limit your ‘always’ and your ‘nevers.” -Amy Poehler

The Teach & Preach: We totally dig the dichotomy in this quote from Amy Poehler. Open – Closed – Always – Never! We often use these words with such certainty, but are we really certain? Is life really that black and white? Sometimes – maybe! But always...NEVER! See what we did there?

When you say your mind is open, is it really? We have learned that there is a major difference between being open minded and being tolerant, as well as how dangerous it can be when we think or say they are the same! When a new idea is brought to your attention, do you simply allow it to exist (tolerating it), or are you truly neutral and open to understanding what is being presented to you? When you make generalizations using “always” and “never”, is it truly 100% of the time, or 0% of the time? If we really know what we are talking about, we are probably more specific. So if we are constantly using “always” and “never”, it is a personal cue to take a second look and re-evaluate…maybe even OPEN our minds up to other possibilities!

The Quest: Today’s quest is a hunt…You’re lookin for always and nevers. When you hear it in yourself, see if you can correct it! When you hear it in others, be quietly curious about their perspective.

Quote the fifth:

“A house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as the body.” -Benjamin Franklin

The Teach & Preach: (*Airhorn sounds repeatedly*)…Benjamin Franklin just really knew what was up! While we live in a physical body in a physical house, we are also spiritual beings born with intellect. Because of this, we need to have our home set up in such a way that continues to feed our mind and grow our spirit! What is food for the mind, you ask? Well…motivational quotes feed minds…mentorship quests feed minds…eh?! So hey – if you have an iPhone in your home…you’ve got us every week day! But really – what feeds your mind is going to be subjective to you.

P.S: Benjamin said we must have food and fire for the mind. This means that the things we have in our home need to not only nourish us mentally, but also light us up with that fulfilled & feeling part of something greater energy. Ya know? Those good feels.

The Quest: Bring a vision from your mind into your home. You don’t have to make a whole vision board, but think of one specific thing you know you’re aiming for! A vacation spot, a business front, an attractive partner…. something you really want. Put that picture somewhere that you look everyday! The closer the vision is to you, the closer it is to becoming a part of your reality!

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