The Daily Scroll: A Mentorship Recap – March 9th, 2020

Rick Warren serving as today’s BREAKER OF CHAINS – freeing us from the jail cell of our PAST!

But – seriously – how many of us lock ourselves into being a product of our pasts?

Maybe we did something we aren’t proud of, or perhaps some form of trauma happened to us that we had zero control over…We are where we are today because of where we have been – but if we allow that to be the shackles that hold us back from living our best life – we sure as heck better take a look at them!

The past is in the past! (Cue Elsa singing), and also a final, objective truth at this point. What happened happened. We can’t move it – we can’t rewind to it – we CANNOT CHANGE IT. But – you know what we can change? (#1.) Our minds…and (#2) Our future. But by choosing to remain miserable about the past, we are PUTTING OURSELVES in our own prison cell! And – while we may not have had control over what has happened to us – we do get a say in whether or not we allow ourselves to continue suffering from it. So – instead of doing something unproductive like beating ourselves up over something we will NEVER be able to change, we might as well focus on what we can control: our present moment…and our mental state in this moment!

Now, we’re not saying to FORGET your past. Your past can be a place of beautiful memories, lessons, and an overall tool for growth. What we are saying is: Don’t dwell on your past so much, that you allow it to dictate your FUTURE!

How can we do this, then? How do we free ourselves of the chains of our past?

We can start by reframing the stories of our past in such a way that can empower ourselves and others – and, then – TELL OUR NEW STORY OF THE FUTURE!

Change your thinking. Change your story. Change your future.

BREAK THOSE CHAINS and take your power back from the past!

Breaking free from patterns of the past? Change it up by switching Mentorship Quest mediums! Listen to today’s episode here!

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