Timing: Embracing the Journey

“21 days to the bests abs ever” and “build a six-figure business in 2 months” are two statements that are total bulls**t. Many of us in today’s society are conditioned with the detrimental ideation of instant gratification. It is important to know that these ideas are unrealistic and leaning into this culture will not benefit you. It takes 10,000 hours to master a skill, this means if you spend 8 hours every single day, in 3 ½ years you’ll achieve mastery. Conversely, it doesn’t take 21 days to make a habit, it takes 18 months, that’s a year and a half to solidify a habit to the point of acting without thinking. People tend to associate being happy with achieving a goal. Although it is great to celebrate an achievement, it’s important to understand that your goal will take time. Uncoupling that association between success and happiness will allow you to find joy during the process.

If you’re in the middle of what feels like a never-ending grind, attempting to form a new habit or working toward an achievement here are 3 practical tips for you.

1. Cultivate patience. We get it, patience is hard but finding ways that make the waiting easier on you can be the difference between never giving up and shortchanging yourself on your dreams. We’ve found that frequently looking back on your progress, keeping track of the small wins and properly setting your timing expectations from the start can help you buckle in, and hold on for the long haul.

2. Measure yourself. When you set out to achieve something great put measurables for yourself to hit along the way. Our mom always told us “what you measure improves.” Breaking up your big dreams into small manageable goals gives you more immediate targets to hit while not losing sight of the grander vision.

3. Share your dreams. Nothing will help you stay more motivated than talking about the passion that fires you up. Let people know what you’re doing and why you are doing it. In addition to gaining energy from sharing your passion with other people, when you share your goals with others you’re more likely to follow through- pics or it didn’t happen, right?

Timing can be a frustrating, complicated element that seems to always be working against you but when it comes down to it, timing is formulaic. When you put the right amount of time and work into your goals, you will see results. The hard part is not knowing exactly when you will see these results. If you are finding yourself in a bad relationship with timing, remember to embrace the process. The process is where you are going to grow and your journey is different from every single other person. Stay motivated and know what goals you are ready for, you got this!

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